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History and background

The principals of MVM Technologies have been competing in the printer supplies industry since 1995 selling high quality Inkjet Cartridges, Toner Cartridges and Inkjet Refill Kits. Cartridges are manufactured or remanufactured to the same high standards as the major brands. All components are replaced with new parts where possible and 100% of all cartridges are tested for quality output before packaging and shipment. These procedures ensure the end user will experience the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Industry Contributions
MVM is an innovator in the printer supplies industry. Some of the major innovations include:

  • Refill-kit clips made the filling of inkjet cartridges easier for the consumer;
  • Cross compatible cartridges for popular Epson and Canon printers; and
  • Smart Chips for cross compatible Epson cartridges.

Retail and Resale Experience

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» Why choose MVM ink and toner products?


The inks used in MVM’s inkjet cartridges and refill kits have been tested by independent testing labs under the direction of Wal-Mart Stores.Test results show the quality, output and color match are equal to or better than the major brands, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

MVM‘s toner cartridges contain at least 10% more toner than the major brands and in some cases more than double the page capacity of the cartridges. Toner quality and color gamut are equal to the OEMs.

Cost per page is dramatically decreased by using MVM printer supplies.

» MVM Research & Development Efforts

Inkjet cartridges

These cartridges are new, not remanufactured cartridges that will be capable of being used by consumers in their OEM printers. These cartridges are new, contain more ink and will provide a lower price point to the consumer. These MVM cartridges will be cross compatible, such that 16 cartridges will replace more than 128 OEM cartridges.

The first of these MVM cartridges will be available in retail in 2014.

Semiconductor Packaging

Solder Technology

This MVM technology is capable of generating large volumes of very small (sub 100 micron) spheres for use in IC interconnection processes. One machine capable of producing 50 million perfect spheres per hour will be available for industry in 2014. A lower volume machine will be available in 2015. Spheres as small as 40 micron diameter or as large as 1200 micron may be manufactured using this high volume machine. The solder spheres may be produced in any size at a cost of less than $10 per million, a significant savings over current production costs.


The MVM Q-Pack is a breakthrough in semiconductor wafer level packaging. It incorporates a complete package on the wafer.The process utilizes a robust under bump metallization (UBM), a thermally compliant redistribution layer (TCRDL), solder interface technology and a final solder bump technology for interconnect at a cost well below current industry capability.

Transfer Substrate

The MVM transfer substate technology enables the packaged wafer to be mated with a solder transfer substrate. This substrate utilizes large diameter TSVs to bring the wafer I/O out to the back side of the substrate. This enables the entire wafer to be tested and burned-in under power. When the transfer substrate is removed, the solder bump transfers to the packaged wafer, leaving a bumped wafer for dicing. This technology in concert with the Q-Pack enables the process to produce true on wafer, fully tested, fully burned-in, known good die.

Full deployment of this technology will come in 2015.

Medical Devices

MVM sensor technology is capable of delivering instant in vitro or in vivo measurement of blood gasses including O2, CO2, pH and temperature. Several other molecules are under evaluation.