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» Toner Cartridges


The toner cartridges are manufactured in a controlled quality assurance atmosphere. Manufacturing facilities are qualified to ISO 9000 standards and full traceability is maintained on every production lot. In addition every cartridge undergoes the following:

  • All removable parts are replaced with new parts including the drum, fusers and gearing where applicable.
  • Only the highest quality toner is used to fill the cartridge body after the chassis seal test is performed
  • Every cartridge is sealed using the same methods employed by the OEM to ensure ease of use for the customer
  • Every cartridge is print tested before sealing

» Inkjet Cartridges

Compatible and remanufactured cartridges are manufactured in ISO 9000 qualified facilities. Complete traceability is maintained on every production lot.All cartridges undergo rigorous testing before sealing. The remanufacturing process recovers used inkjet cartridges from the landfill system and performs the following on every cartridge. If incoming cartridges fail, the plastic is recovered for recycling and the piece parts are ground up for disposal

  • Cartridge body integrity test, looking for leaks
  • Removal of internal sponge and screen for complete and thorough cleaning
  • Attachment of new engineered screen
  • Attachment of a new engineered sponge
  • Filling, print test and sealing in an automated line

» Inkjet Refill Kits

Inkjet refill kits can save the user as much as 80% of the cost of a new OEM cartridge. Imagine refilling your HP94 cartridge for a cost of less than $4.00. These kits are designed for ease of use and include a CD with complete instructions for every cartridge on the market. The kits are avaialble in 640 ml size (240 ml black, 80 ml of each color: cyan, yellow, magenta, photo cyan and photo magenta), 160 ml black size and 240 ml color size with 80 ml of each color: cyan, yellow and magenta. The kits include:

  • All tools necessary to refill every cartridge on the market.
  • 20 ml of printhead cleaner flui for integrated cartridges
  • Complete refill instructions on a mini-CD
  • Reference to our instructions website: www.refillkitinstructions.info.